Fin Molding Machine

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Fin Molding Machine

Fin Forming

Fin molding machine specifications

1、The product has applied for a patent, counterfeit will be investigated
2、Maximum fin pitch and fin height can customize according the user

Curacy standard
1、Up and down work table’s parallelism ±0.01
2、Clearance fit of guide posts and axle bushing between 0.035~0.05
3、Clearance fit of axis pin and axle bushing between 0.005~0.025
4、Processing one at a time four-axis trepanning of up/down working table、tank cover and roof combined are more accurate of there position.
5、The spindle is located in the center of the bed making the original lever movement into a lnear motion, it has be improved between high and low work table’s parallelism in order to height more stable and the precision of the machine tool. It has be improved The conveying mechanism of adjustment into the position among both sides adjustment in order to fin pitch more stable and accurate, the machine speed changing Device has be moved to the machine tools inside in order to more concise and cover an area small.

Hangzhou Heng-Li Machinery factory has specialized in design and manufacture of equipments for Fin molding Machine. It is application of the key components for heat exchanger. It is special processing equipments for heat transfer fins. This machine is collocated with corresponding fin dies which have various specification models. It can automatically finish and continuously processed the good heat fins with different forms and sizes. Fin material types include aluminum alloys, copper and stainless. The fins, using our fin forming and punching machines, have high dimensional and geometrical precision, good looking, low processing costs, These equipments structure are compact, easy to operate and stable performance and low vibration and low noise.

Our factory independent research and development of the fin molding machine with automatic cutting knife device. Through the PLC automatic control, It can make the fin position accuracy, Set wave cut off, Cut materials with high efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of production, greatly satisfy the users’ needs, My factory production fin molding machines have formed series: such as HCPJ common type, HCPJ reinforced. They Can complete automatic feed, finalize the design, automatic cutting materials and automatic discharging processes, the convenient user free choice.

The Equipment Features
Fin molding Machine is directly the foil material processed into various forms heat transfer fin equipment.
This kind of machine is the key equipments for various the heat exchanger production processing. Many types of heat exchanger, with the structure compact heat transfer fin, has application in automobiles, ships, air conditioners, compressors, construction machinery, mining machinery, aviation, military and hydraulic oil cooling industry and so on. Many other fields have been growing widely application.

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